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Let it Snow!

Southerners love a little snow (I did say "a little")

Blue Tumbling Snowflake

Let it snow !

Climbing up the hill is definitely worth the ride down!

The place for sledding is on Bartlett Boulevard.
Ouch! That looked like it hurt!

It started yesterday afternoon - "Mom, do you think we'll have school tomorrow?"
I gave the same answer I had given the first 10 times Dylann had already asked -
"No, not according to the weather. But don't be upset if the snow ends up missing us."
The snow always ends up missing us. It snows to the North of us. It snows to the East and West of us. It even snows to the South of us. Finally, it has snowed on us. Good sticky, flaky snow. Great for snowmen, snowballs and forts and all kinds of snow things. I am glad the kids are getting to enjoy it. I looked out my bedroom window this morning down at the front lawn and it was a blanket of white. A daddy was walking along the hidden sidewalk with a little girl of about 4 who flopped down and made a snow angel. I thought "How lucky am I she chose my yard for her artwork?" It was beautiful. I remember how much fun we used to have when I was kid. I am from Northeast Arkansas and we got a little more snow than Bartlett. It wasn't very deep, but we got a couple of inches pretty often. There were five kids in my family and we were a huge mess when it came to getting out in the snow.
Tube socks became mittens and our dryer ran constantly. I don't know how we survived without frostbite. Seriously, my mom worked at a factory that was never closed and we took care of ourselves. It's a wonder no ever lost some digits.
I watch the kids now on Bartlett Boulevard on their sleds and they are just as crazy and resilient. Soaking wet and ready to slide again. The mom in me makes me want to yell at them to get dried off and come back out later; but the kid hidden deep inside me somewhere wants to cheer them on to go faster.

Blackwell House had a very "historic" look covered in snow

Elva T Bledsoe Park is very beautiful with fresh snow on the ground

Southern kids love the novelty of snow
My daughter Dylann headed out as soon as it started to fall !

This looks a lot scarier at night!

Kids were already on the hill last night when the snow started to fall

Snowfootball was underway at Freeman Park - Check out the Quarterback!* 5555 Tylertown Avenue * Bartlett, Tennessee 38134 * Phone: (901) 606-3836 Fax: (901) 248-0681 Email

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