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Ashley Scott 5K Fifth Year Anniversary

This drawing of Ashley has come to represent her at the 5K and other events showing her kind spirit

Kecia Vekovius talks to reporters

Ashley Scott, the beautiful young teacher taken from her students, family and friends by domestic violence, could never imagined the influence she would have someday. The Ashley Scott Memorial 5K Fifth Year Anniversary was this year. Five years after her death, Ashley Scott inspires all of us to reach out and to make a difference when and where we can when it comes to domestic violence. Ashley's spirit lives on.

Kecia Vekovius talked with reporters about her sister, Ashley, after the race Saturday. How Ashley had everything going for her, except a healthy relationship with a man she couldn't seem to break free from. With so many women in the same position today, Kecia hopes that by telling and showing Ashey's story to others it may help break the cycle of domestic violence and save at least one life: 

"In someways I can't believe that five years has passed, and then in some ways it seems, it feels like a really long time ago," said Kecia, Ashley Scott's sister. "Just having this way to remember Ashley and having so much positive support and seeing the love here is nice." Kecia was referring to the 5K held every year to honor her sister and help the YWCA women's outreach program for domestic abuse and violence. "It's amazing that so many of these kids never had her as a teacher, but her legacy lives on. I have spoken at a few different programs, like the ER, in my hometown because Ashley didn't fit the norm of what you would think of as someone as a victim of domestic violence. Sometimes the shock value, she was a beautiful gorgeous girl, and yet somehow, she was a victim of terrible abuse. We want people to stop and think - no "Oh no, that could never happen to me"  because it could. They don't realize the severity of the relationship until it is too late. I appreciate this community and the legacy that is continuing in my sister's memory."


The Fifth Annual Ashley Scott 5K was a huge sucess and a memorable event

The run was over - time to take a breath.

On Thursday, November 23, 2006 the beloved teacher at Bolton High School was found at her home beaten. The victim of domestic violence. In 2007 the first Ashley Scott 5K was ran in her memory and it has continued to grow each year since. Students who never knew Ms. Scott run because her legacy continues at Bolton. Now that the case is closed, and Jeffrey Scott is in prison, the prosecutors who pressed the case run in memory of Ashley. The beautiful young teacher left everyone who knew her wanting to help; so no one else would feel the pain of losing another Ashley to such a preventable tragedy.

The YWCA benefits from the 5k helping women battle domestic violence

The BPD team did pretty well - Jeff Cox won his age class in the race!

Jacquie didn't run, she walked, but making it across the finish line was the important part

Elliott and his master finished the race* 5555 Tylertown Avenue * Bartlett, Tennessee 38134 * Phone: (901) 606-3836 Fax: (901) 248-0681 Email

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